Secure payment processing


State-of-the-art gateway technologies with layered security of EMV, tokenization, and PCI validated P2PE.

Save time – Reduce costs

With our flagship & innovative offering of full payment processing with merchant services AND a secure payment gateway, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Merchants and ISVs can save time and money by getting all their payment processing services fully integrated for a seamless experience for both your staff and consumers.

Merchant Services

By combining payment services, you can cut costs & save money across the board. This could include free EMV devices and waived gateway setup and transaction fees.Let’s get started and find out how much we can save you. Get a quote today!

Secure Payment Gateway

Industry-leading gateway technologies include the layered security of EMV, Tokenization, and PCI-Validated P2PE. In addition to sophisticated auditing, reporting, and business management capabilities. DigiPay can also provide completely secure standalone solutions as per your business needs.

Software Integration

Thanks to our strategic alliances with our long-standing partners, we offer hundreds of fully integrated POS and PMS solutions to choose from. Our Integrated Payment solutions provide state-of-the-art technology in foodservice POS brands as well as 350+ additional system integrations that cover a variety of industries.

EMV Devices

We will provide your business with certified, P2PE-enabled EMV terminals. Choose from the latest equipment from leading manufacturers, including Ingenico, Verifone, ID TECH, PAX, Innowi, and more! Pay-at-the-Table Mobile Solutions are also available. Enquire today about our contactless QR code payment options.

Smart Reporting

Our integrated payment processing solution also features a comprehensive reporting system. We have several advanced reporting capabilities and customer engagement tools, giving you complete control over your business. Contact us today and find out everything that our cutting-edge technology can do to boost your bottom line!

Custom-designed POS for restaurants & bars

Secure payment processing and merchant services solutions are a part of our superior technology. With Industry leading software in the food and beverage market, we deliver turnkey solutions with state-of-the-art hardware, premium software, and onsite installation services.

The DigiPay Advantage

  • Lowest total cost to accept payment
  • Free EMV devices & mobile terminals
  • Waived gateway fees
  • Free Integrated QR payment solutions
  • A single point of contact for all your payment needs 

Optimizing your business financials

Providing a phenomenal customer experience is a priority for any successful business. An integrated payment solution is a cornerstone connecting the systems and software that keep a business running smoothly. DigiPay Integrated payment system brings you a seamless way to optimize back-end business operations. By improving the functions of individual pieces, integrated payment systems can help strengthen your business structure as a whole.

An all-in-one solution for accepting payments

How integrated payments help you grow your business

Integrated payment systems connect the critical payment processing function with other vital business systems and software. When all the systems are compatible, it’s easier for a merchant to accept payments and consolidate important data. An integrated payments solution enhances a point-of-sale system, helping optimize the features already available and offering additional capabilities. Even more importantly, an integrated solution provides access to the technology a business needs to evolve its operations over time.


Automates accounting processes, allowing a business to bypass the process of manually entering and reconciling transaction data, which is time-consuming and prone to errors.

Automatically post payments at the time of sale. The integrated payment ledger displays the transaction history in real-time, making accounting easier and more accurate and providing immediate access to transaction data and insights.

Speeds up checkout by reducing the time-consuming tasks required to complete a transaction manually.

It also offers line-busting options such as self-checkout, online checkout, and mobile checkout for payment acceptance throughout a business location.

Staff can focus their attention on one customer at a time.

Customized with the features a business needs–now and in the future.

A solution can be set up to work with a CRM system to provide insights on customer purchasing trends or be designed to track inventory, sales, and deliveries.

A business can tailor their integrated payments solution to provide the information they want to improve any area of their operations from marketing to accounting and customer service.


How do you find the right integrated payments solution for your business? The good news is that there is an integrated payment system tailored to the needs and budget of virtually every type of business. A great place to start is by connecting with a global leader and innovator in integrated payments technology. To discover how your business can benefit from an integrated payment solution, contact one of our experts today.
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