Digipay Culture

No need to worry about making a board of directors happy. Digi Payments is a privately held company, debt free, with the ability to pivot fast when needed to ensure we capitalize on market trends and stay out front of the competition. We make things happen, and fast.
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Whether you’re an industry pro or new to payments, you deserve a high split, low buy rates, bonuses and portfolio equity. We cut out all the unnecessary layers of middle management, so you keep your hard earned money, not some manager who you hardly speak to or see.

Integrity and Transparency

We don’t play games with your merchants like inflating interchange, rate increases or random new annual or monthly junk fees. You decide the pricing and we make sure to honor it.

Training and Support

Our training programs have been created to take you from A-Z through the industry, or just to help take your career to the next level with a more specialized focus. The Jupiter Payments leadership team has a proven track record of helping sales agents succeed. Support, it’s what we do.

Advanced Technology

Multiple platforms including high risk, infinite equipment and gateways options, industry specific CRM and fully electronic boarding with instant approvals on low-risk deals are just some of the tools we give you to close deals and manage your portfolio.


Digipay offers 1099 or W2 agent positions, traditional pricing and surcharge programs including cash discount, full tax payroll solutions, customizable marketing collateral and creative revenue share models. If it makes sense and we can make it work, let’s do it!
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