Introducing Clover Mobile Point of Sale

Meet Clover Mobile POS

Handheld, Wireless Solution Uses the Power of Clover™ Software for Freedom and Flexibility

Clover™ Mobile is a powerful new mobile point-of-sale (POS) business solution that brings new flexibility and versatility to the Clover family. Clover Mobile enables more personal consumer engagement for innovative small- to mid-sized businesses by taking the functionality of the popular Clover Station off the counter for use as at tableside, busting register lines or on the go.


Clover™ Mobile runs on cloud-based software so your business information is always available on the device or from a computer, table or mobile phone. First Data solutions provides all you need to get started with Clover Mobile. As you grow, you can enhance and customize your system with apps from the fast growing Clover™ App Market.

Will you be ready to take EMV chip card payments by October 1, 2015?

Protecting your business and helping you thrive is our goal. The transition to accepting chip cards is a big one, with significant potential impact to your business. We’re here to help you prepare for migration to EMV with the best in class products, solutions, and expertise.
Get Ready now with a CloverTM Station solution:·        Meet new EMV™ card acceptance requirements·        Protect your business against fraud liability 

·        Accept other innovative and secure payments, such as Apple Pay™

·        Access solutions that make business operations more efficient than ever

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