DigiPay gives you a chance to lead from the front with latest technology to modernize your business and keep abreast of the challenges of today’s business world.

Intelligent Merchant Services DigiPay

Our dynamic and futuristic technological solutions include practical contactless Payment Solutions that are easy to install and even easier to operate. Contactless payment solutions are highly effective in restaurant, hospitality and B2B payments.


Contactless Payment Terminals

Pay-At-The-Table Service


QR Code Payment

Contactless Ordering & Payment Experience

Online Ordering on Mobile App


Free Contactless Payment Terminals

DigiPay provides free payments terminals that support contactless NFC payments, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Touch-free payments with QR code

DigiPay offers an efficient and quick QR code Solution that enables your customers to order and pay entirely through their mobile phones, scanning their unique QR code. The system increases efficiency significantly and offers a touch-free dining experience.

DigiPay POS Online Ordering with Curbside Pickup

With our Cutting-Edge DigiPay POS alliances, our customers can enjoy Mobile Pay-at-the-table Terminals. We can offer absolutely no out-pocket costs through our funding services.

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